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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Week 22 and cruise update

Hello! And welcome to week 22 of my pregnancy. We will be serving severe heartburn and indigestion for the remainder of this flight. Please store your backache in the overhead bin if it will not fit under the seat in front of you…

No really, I'm fine. :)

Here's my pet peeve of the day. According to webmd, I'm 6 months pregnant. According to babycenter, I'm not even 5 and a half months pregnant. According to my own made-up calendar based on my due date, I'm a week shy of month 6. No wonder every pregnant woman quotes her time in weeks!

Anyway, I had a good time on my cruise to Cozumel. I was sea sick the first day despite the sea.bands I wore. I don't know if they didn't work at all or if they were doing a great job of preventing me from losing my lunch - and I was not willing to remove them to find out! I was awake for about 6 woozy hours on Friday, though we did manage to go to the art auction and bid on some stuff! the formal dinner was that night and I really wanted to go… so we went. And then I had to get up and leave after eating maybe 3 bites of beef tenderloin. Oh well, I tried.

Saturday in Cozumel was great. We were at Chaukanaub by 9am sitting on the beach with snorkeling in easy reach. I've always seen movies where people get drinks on the beach, but I've never had that experience until now - and I tell you, it's the height of luxury even if your drinks are just water and cokes. We went to Pancho's for a late lunch (it was ok, I'd not go back) and walked through the shops for a bit before we went back to the ship.

When I woke up Sunday, I was greeted by the wonderful news that my day at sea was going to be extended by 8 hours. Since my only other day at sea was unpleasant, I was not happy with this! Turns out that someone got sick and we turned around and went back to Cozumel during the night, returning at 3am. The good news is that Sunday was a much smoother sailing day than Friday had been. I managed to stay well enough that I could go onto the upper decks and we hung out at the pool (it was indoors) for a long time. We also went to the 2nd art auction and bid on more stuff. All in all, I think that we spent very little time in the room on Sunday. We even managed to go out and play minature golf in the fierce wind (if the wind or the sway of the ship moves your ball into the hole, that counts as a hole in zero!).

I didn't go to any of the shows, but R did - I didn't hold him hostage in the room when I was feeling bad or was just to tired to go anywhere. He also went to the midnight chocolate buffet where he learned that it's a bad idea to eat chocolate and then go straight to bed :p  He even went to a swing dance class because we knew that there's usually a shortage of men at things like that (R already knows how to swing dance, that's how we met, but he said it was a good refresher).

Monday we docked at 1pm instead of 7am, so we got a bit of extra vacation out of it. Mostly we just hung out by the pool, but we did play a fierce game of ping pong too.

All in all, I think it was a good trip. Would I cruise again? Yes, but not while pregnant. I want to be able to take any drug I may need to fight of motion sickness!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you happen to see "Super Tonio" while you were in the area.
Maybe it wasn't seasickness you were feeling.

5:35 AM  
Blogger Jena said...

Missed Super Tonio, didn't make it to Cancun... not sure I'd want to make that pilgrimage, childbirth is scary enough without seeing junbo babies!

I definitely think it was seasickness, it stopped immediately on dry land and was much more mild when the ship wasn't tossing me from side to side as I tried to walk!

11:03 AM  

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