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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Food is tricksie

OK, I'm having a pretty darn good day sickness wise... probably my best day all week. Still a little clog in my throat, but not the full-fledged nausea I've had for most of the week.
Here's my plan: eat every 1.5 - 2 hours even if I'm not hungry.
Based on the premise that my stomach gets angry when it's empty and because I didn't actually feel hungry yesterday or today. (I know, huge change from last week when I hit ravenous every half hour!)
half a granola bar at 8:30.
oatmeal at 10:15
1 doughnut at 11
-- zantac at noon --
lunch at 12:30 - philly cheese steak and mashed potatoes!
banana 3:30
planned food...
PB crackers at 5
half pb&j at 6:30
a little something else at 8 (baked potato? mac n cheese? cereal? pudding!?)
And I'd like to point out that I actually ate MEAT today! Not forbidden lunchmeat (which I've had twice this week), but real meat. I don't know when I last ate real meat but I think my sense of time has definitely warped.
Another oddity I've noticed... it's very hard to choose something to eat, especially after I've started feeling sick. But if I just start eating, I do tend to feel better and so far have been able to eat my meal (except that chicken last weekend, it was evil and couldn't be eaten - yes, I know I found it to be delicious the day before, what's your point?). 
To illustrate my point - nothing sounded good for lunch except mashed potatoes. I ordered the philly because I didn't think it'd be stinky and I could at least eat the bread. Well, turns out I ate half the darn thing, meat, cheese, onions, and mushrooms! I did pick out the bell pepper because it just seemed to be too much and it was huge chunks, so I banished them from the sandwich (better safe than sorry.) Being able to eat was particularly important today because it was a team outing and of the 4 of us, half don't know my little secret. So I was very pleased with the meal, with keeping my pregnancy secret, and with not feeling nauseous. A banner day!



Blogger Emmie said...

I'm having the exact same food feelings! You describe it perfectly! Nothing sounds good to eat, and the longer I wait to eat the harder it gets to find something, even though I feel better once I finally force something down.

I love food, so this has been very painful. I get a little green when I look at my cooking magazines and I've asked my husband not to make food suggestions to me as it often turns my stomach. I know this is better than feeling full-on nausea, but it's still difficult.

9:07 AM  

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