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Friday, February 09, 2007

doctor's visit

I'm 23 weeks, 1 day today.

I went to the doctor this morning. Since I moved my appointment up by a week, I couldn't take my glucose test yet. But that's ok, I'll get the chance to take it when I go back next week. Yes, next week.

There's some white blood cells in my urine, so she put me on an antimiotic for a possible bladder infection. She'll test again next week.

She said I was measuring a bit large, and since when I had my anatomy scan done a few weeks ago, little bugger was squirming too much to get good measurements, I'm going back next week for another hospital ultrasound.

However, I did get back the results of my quad screen, and everything was just fine on that.

And last but not least, I've only gained 7.5 pounds for the entire pregnancy which is just fine according to my doctor. But I have to say, when I look down at this big ol' belly, I'm astounded that I haven't put on more weight. I'm really not trying to watch what I eat either - I eat what I want, when I want. Fortunately, most sweets just don't sound appealing, otherwise I'd probably have ballooned by this point! Also, I don't feel like I can eat very much. I just get full very fast.

So on a typical day, my diet consists of something like this:
  • breakfast: glass of milk and oatmeal with raisins / or cereal
  • morning snack: a banana or pear (or pastry if they have some at work!)
  • lunch: always has been my biggest meal of the day, I've only now gotten to the point where I can occassionally eat my entire meal. More often, I eat about half what I used to eat.
  • early afternoon snack: banana, apple, or pear
  • late afternoon snack: mini-bag of popcorn and a cup of cocoa
  • dinner: a glass of milk and something small. A 'snack-sized' serving of noodles, meat and peas is a 'big' meal for dinner. Sometimes just a coffee mug of cottage cheese and canned fruit (peaches, pineapple or mandarin orange).
  • after dinner snack: a glass of milk
I'm really glad they put out free fruit for us at work! And we're going through 1.5 to 2 gallons of milk each week. Rob only has milk with cereal, so I'm pretty sure that I'm the one drinking most of that.

Later today I'm going to the eye doctor for new glasses - the headaches that used to plague me are gone though. I suspect they were hormone induced.


Blogger Emmie said...

Your meal plan sounds great. I've been trying to do about the same, but lately my dinners have been too large and I've been paying for it with indigestion. Wish I could drink as much milk as you! I'm substituting with calcium-fortified orange juice. Glad to hear all is going well, especially after last week's scare!

1:43 PM  

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