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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Morning sickness and other fun things

I think I officially have morning sickness evening sickness now. I feel fine when I wake up. There are no saltines on my bedside table. I feel good. Unfortunately, it's the best I'll feel all day, because it's all down-hill from there. I feel I'm at my worst from about 2pm-10pm.

I need to eat pretty quickly somedays. Other days I can wait and eat at work. My typical breakfast of oatmeal has been treating me just fine. But then I need a mid-morning snack - a banana or peanut butter crackers.

And then I need lunch. But by lunch time, I need lunch to be non-smelly. I don't like smelly food. Smelly food includes all sorts of horrible things like roast chicken or any type of cooked meat. Bread is good. Salad can be alright. I don't eat much for lunch.

About 2 hours later, I need a snack. Crackers, granola, that sort of thing. Grapes are good. I ate an apple yesterday, but that didn't sit well.

About the same time, I also start getting indigestion and random waves of nausea. These continue until I go to bed. By later afternoon, I feel pukey - like all the puke in the world is in my throat fighting to get out. Pukey-burps come along with it. Taking some Zantac mid-afternoon helps (and is doctor approved), but doesn't make it all go away.

I still haven't puked, but I did have a plastic bag next to me on the drive home yesterday just in case.

I also get this weird taste in my mouth that goes on for most of the day. Do you ever get an aftertaste of calcium? If I eat a viactiv calcium supplement or eat a Tums, about 30 minutes later I get the nastiest taste in my mouth (this has always happened to me, it's not a pregnancy thing). Well, I seem to get that taste all the time now. Dr. Google tells me it's common, and the only remedy is chewing gum, sucking candy, or lots of ice water. I need to go get some gum.


Blogger Emmie said...

Grapes are working for me, too. I ate almost a whole 1 pound bag of them for dinner last night because I couldn't eat the chicken H made. Strawberries are good too.

9:11 AM  

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