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Reaching for the brass ring on the fertility carousel (again!). (Because I already caught the brass ring on the infertility carousel and I want to get rid of it!) Two years of trying to conceive, but I finally got baby E. Now we begin going around and around again. Infertility sucks.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Beginning Repronex

I went to the RE on Friday morning. Everyone on my work team was working from home, so my absence won't be noticed. (How to explain the many doctor appointments in the next few weeks has been worrying me)

The nurse took blood (from my hand, I swear this woman is nearly incompetent when it comes to drawing blood - I know I'm not an "easy stick", but I've given blood many many times without the problems this woman has drawing blood from me.) Then the doctor took some snapshots of my ovaries to get a baseline (otherwise known as an internal ultrasound). The nurse drew some circles on my butt to show Rob where the injections should go.

So my first shot was Friday night. And I freely admit that I freaked out. I was almost naseous with fear. We finally get the medicine ready and I'm on the bed ready for the shot and I wigged out one more time. Yes, I started crying. I made Rob go get an ice cube to numb the area and started trying to relax again. But honestly, when he did it, I had to ask him if it was in. Yeah, it was that painless. I could feel a slight burn as the medicine went in, but nothing compared to a flu shot.

Saturday was a different story. My ass hurt. Bad. It feels like someone beat me with an axe handle. We had errands to run and everytime I got in the car I was wincing and gritting my teeth.

Saturday night's shot went well too. But today.... my ass hurts even more. Both sides still hurt. You can't see a bruise, but it feels like I've been beaten. I'm also exhausted. I have no energy. I have general muscle aches and pains all over - like you might get when you're coming down with the flu. I also have a low-grade fever. (100 F). I've also had some chills even though it was 80 degrees in the house. I have a mild headache that's been with me all day. I've been taking Tylenol and haven't done much today, but I still feel like crap.

I'll call the doctor tomorrow. The fatigue and headache are common from what I've read, but the fever is not.

So far we've done both shots around 9pm. Rob's running late, so it'll be more like 9:30 I think. That should be ok though I hope. The nurse suggested we do them between 7-9pm, but I assume that we are still being fairly consistent and that's what is important.


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