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Monday, March 26, 2007

29 weeks update

I went to the OB of Friday - everything looked good.

I got my glucose test numbers. My blood sugar was 100. She said that 140 was the cutoff for gestational diabetes, 130 was high enough to modify my diet, but that 100 was fantastic and there are no worries. So that's good to know.

Only odd thing is that I lost 2.5 pounds (which leaves me up 7 lbs total over my pre-pg weight). The doctor wasn't very concerned, she asked if I'd been eating well, and I said that I thought I had. But really, just thinking about all the ice cream, cheese, and beef I've eaten should be enough to make me gain 5lbs, so I don't know what the heck is going on. I guess I'll just try to eat a bit more... but I really don't know how I'll manage that since I feel like I eat all day long.

Don't worry, a lot of the pregnancy weight most people put on is from their body putting on an extra fat layer to have reserves to feed the baby - my "extra fat layer" was already well established pre-pg and there's plenty of fat available to create a milk supply, so that's why I don't need to gain much weight, though I really shouldn't keep losing any and I'm honestly not trying to lose any. Oh, and of course, your weight really does fluctuate a little each day, which could account for a lot of the 2.5 lbs I 'lost'.

Anyway, the doctor had said before that after this appointment she'd have me come in every 2 weeks instead of monthly. But on Friday she decided that I was doing really well (see? so weight loss is no biggie) and there was no point in going back in 2 weeks, so my next appointment is 4 weeks out - April 20th. And then I'll do one or two fortnightly appointments before going to weekly appointments.

That's all for now. Everybody go have a nice milkshake and think of me. (A *nice* milkshake, not one of those nasty things from Mc.Donalds or Wend.ys)



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Glad to hear everything continues to go're getting close!

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