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Reaching for the brass ring on the fertility carousel (again!). (Because I already caught the brass ring on the infertility carousel and I want to get rid of it!) Two years of trying to conceive, but I finally got baby E. Now we begin going around and around again. Infertility sucks.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I told my boss.

I've been worrying about what to do about work. How and when to tell people what is going on. How much to tell.

My co-worker S knows everything. She's in her late 20s. The two guys we work with are in their 50s and 60s - not to mention that they're engineers and very old school. Not exactly the types I want to discuss my reproductive health with, if ya know what I mean.

But I started thinking about it a lot on Thursday... I didn't want my frequent abscences/lateness due to RE visits to be noticed. I didn't want my boss to think I'm interviewing.

So after a whispered conversation with S. She helped me come up with some things to say if he needed any details, all of which I've forgotten by now, which is a shame because they were handy phrases to avoid any sort of medical discussion. But I digress.

I asked our boss, P, if I could speak with him. We don't have offices, so I had to ask him to come into a conference room.

I was so nervous that I was probably already turning red at this point. I told him that I needed to have a series of doctor's visits and that I would be coming in late frequently in the next few weeks. He * very neatly* cut me off at this point - obviously didn't want to hear any more details any more than I wanted to give them. He only said he hoped it's not serious and I said, "no, just something that needs to be done." At this point I could feel a flush coming up my face, so I escaped to the bathroom to cool down.

Whew! It went pretty easy, but planning for it was nerve-racking!


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