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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Friday's OB appointment... lots of news

Well on Friday, my blood pressure was 156/84... and there was protein in my urine, so I was sent directly to the hospital for preeclampsia testing. The doctor told me that, depending on the test results, they might be inducing me that afternoon!

I did pretty well at the hospital testing... my blood pressure was down to 116/70 as soon as I got there! But there's still that whole protein thing... they did blood tests too, though I'm not sure what those results were. So I got sent home and put on bedrest. I also got to do a 24 hour urine test which I found rather amusing. See, you collect it all in one big jug that looks like an orange juice jug and then you have to keep it on ice. And somehow the whole idea of a big oj jug full of pee over ice just strikes me as funny.

Anyway, at the end of the 24 hours, I had to take it back to the hospital and do another round of testing - more blood tests, more monitoring, and more blood pressure tests. The blood pressure wasn't as good as the day before, but it wasn't so terrifyingly high either.

However, the doctor decided to induce me anyway.

So I'm going in on Monday for an induction.

Oh my god, the baby is going to be here REALLY REALLY SOON. When they first started talking about induction I was just freaked out and scared. And disappointed that I won't be able to do it naturally. But now I'm getting more and more excited.

The nurse did warn me though that since my cervix isn't soft, it may take a few days to induce labor. What? It can take that long? Good lord. I had no idea.

So the idea of the baby coming made me pretty antsy, and if I could I'd be running around doing all sorts of last minute things, but of course I'm on bedrest now and can't do anything, which is pretty much driving me insane. But the boys have been really good about getting things done for me - they spent the morning cleaning the living room and doing laundry, which made me feel better to know these things were done.



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