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Reaching for the brass ring on the fertility carousel (again!). (Because I already caught the brass ring on the infertility carousel and I want to get rid of it!) Two years of trying to conceive, but I finally got baby E. Now we begin going around and around again. Infertility sucks.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

IUI #2 - part 2

Well, IUI #2 is officially complete now.

When I went in this morning, the nurse from hell said to come back at 10:45 and that it would be a different doctor today. What?? You want to run that by me again? I need to spend an extra 45 minutes hanging out in starbucks and then some man I've never even met before is going to be staring at my hoochie? Hello? Some warning would be nice!

Anyway, it went fine. Of course since it's a male doctor the nurse from hell stays in the room with us, which is annoying (yes, I understand WHY the nurse should stay, but since I hate her it's annoying). R provided me with 22 million swimmers post-wash, which is a fantastic number (thanks sweetie!), so there's no reason this shouldn't work.

So now I feel bloated and crampy and generally like crap. And I'm at work. Yea.

So we're supposed to try to do it tonight for any extra swimmers we might be able to get and start progesterone on Friday. Now I've just got to remember to swing by the pharmacy tomorrow after work and we'll settle in for the 2ww.


Blogger Shop Girl said...

How exciting! Lots of good swimmers to do their deed, too :) Here's to a quick 2ww, and since I just went through IUI and am pregnant, you may want to stop by my blog again to see what experiences I have gone through with the progesterone, etc.

Crossed fingers and toes!

2:44 PM  

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