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Monday, September 11, 2006

IUI #2 - part 1

Sept 11 2006

Well, sorry I haven't posted in a bit.

Friday I went back in for another appointment. Everything looked good. There were 5 or 6 follicles that should be mature together. But when the bloodwork came back, my body was trying to ovulate on its own! (All those months you don't ovulate and you choose NOW to try to do your job?? Damn body.)

So back to the office for a nice shot in the belly to stop that ovulation nonsense. (Which means that I got stuck with a needle three times in one day - blood draw, shot in belly, repronex in the butt - which really really really doesn't seem fair does it)

Oh, also on Friday morning, Dr. Desplinter introduced the idea of selective reduction. Of course there were plenty of follicles last time and nothing happened. No guarantees that anything will happen this time, let alone have 6 somethings happen, but she had to bring it up. Apparently selective reduction is available for anything over 2 babies. That was kind of shocking. I can't imagine choosing that over triplets and I told her so straight away. It's not something I'm comfortable with and I think the only way I could consider it is if trying to keep them all would risk killing all or some of them. But hopefully it's a decision we'll never have to make.

And an appointment was set up for Saturday morning. Everything looked good, but the bloodwork showed I was still trying to ovulate. So another shot in the belly that evening and then upped the Repronex dose to 4 vials (holy crap, a $200 shot) And then triggered at 11pm Sunday night.

So the first IUI of "IUI #2" was this morning. We decided that R should go to work rather than miss 2 half days of work going with me. A bummer, but I'd rather have him at an ultrasound to see his babies (assuming a positive outcome, see I am capable of postive thinking!!) than to just sit with me while his swimmers are shot up me.

The procedure wasn't bad. Some slight cramping, but that's it.


Blogger Shop Girl said...

Hi Jena,
Good luck to you in your second IUI cycle. I just found you from a comment you left on my blog, and will list your site on mine as well. Keep your chin up!

6:41 PM  

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